Help Good360 assist communities impacted by Floods

For every $1 donated, Good360 can provide $20 of brand new goods to Australians impacted by flood, to support immediately after, and into the clean up and rebuild.

A proven track record in disaster support

Good360 is a matchmaker, connecting brand-new goods donated by businesses to people and communities who need them the most. Good360 matches the right goods, to the right people, at the right time through all stages of disaster recovery, to help local communities recover and rebuild, providing hope and dignity.

Since March 2020, Good360 has connected over 15 million items to disaster affected Australians. In this current flood emergency, we have delivered over 618,000 requested goods (valued at over $8.25M RRP) specifically to flood affected communities ince February 2022.

man carrying dog through flood waters

The Six Stages of Disaster Recovery

Good360 takes a long term approach, because disaster response doesn’t end once the disaster is over


Being prepared in advance helps mitigate the impact of a disaster on communities.

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In the immediate aftermath, the greatest concern is for the protection of life and property. 


This phase focuses on cleaning up and fixing the damage brought on by the disaster.


As survivors move beyond the recover phase, focus shifts to rebuilding homes and businesses etc.


As displaced families move back, they often need to replace most or all of their household goods. 


While this is the recovery stage, survivors may still need items to help them get back to life as normal.

Real stories of how Good360 has helped communities in past flood events

Flood Recovery Hampers

Valley Industries delivered helpful hampers to homes that had lost everything in the floods. The hampers contained essential goods that were received from Good360 including, cleaning products and toys. 

Supplies For Flood Affected

Good360 supplied essential household items to help replace what was lost and clean up. Amanda (pictured) was overjoyed after receiving her cutlery set, bedsheets & cleaning essentials.

Camden Picton Flood Relief

Good360 partnered with Nans Tarps to provide tarps and other essential items to help with the clean up efforts post flood. The community was very appreciative and their spirits were lifted.

Support the Good360 Flood Appeal today

For every $1 donated, Good360 can provide up to $20 of brand new goods to Australians impacted by flood, to support immediately after, and into the clean up and rebuild.