Help Good360 assist communities impacted by Floods

Every $1 donated helps us deliver $20 of new goods to people affected by floods in Australia

Your donation will go towards supporting flood affected communities in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Why You Should Donate

As we enter our third year of La Niña in a row, Australians have enduring more rain than they can handle. 2022 saw record breaking floods in the Northern Rivers of NSW and Southern Queensland and additonal flooding in the Hawkesbury, Hunter and Illawarra areas of NSW. Then at the end of the year the waters rose again, with residents in Victoria and Tasmania hit. Now early 2023 has seen more flooding this time in communities in Far North Queensland and Northern WA. Good360 will continue to stand with these communities, providing the right goods to the right people at the right time.

Since March 2020, when we commenced our disaster support in the wake of the bushfires, Good360 has connected almost 17.5 million items to disaster affected Australians. And since February 2022, we have delivered over 750,000 requested goods (valued at over $9.75M RRP) specifically to flood affected communities. 

You can read our Flood Report for all the details of our work in supporting flood affected communities this year.

Good360 connects brand-new goods donated by businesses to people and communities who need them the most. Connecting the right goods, to the right people, at the right time through all stages of disaster recovery, to help local communities recover and rebuild, providing hope and dignity.

Our six-stage approach to Disaster Recovery is strategic and sustainable. We use a coordinated and collaborative approach, partnering with Australian businesses to deliver what’s needed at each stage of disaster recovery. In the early days we provide personal care items, clothing, hygiene, and PPE, and we continue supporting communities in the long term when the media spotlight has dimmed, months and years after the event with goods to help rebuild lives.

How Good360 Works

When disaster strikes, Good360 are ready to reach out to our extensive network of business partners for purposeful donations of the brand-new items most needed for disaster affected communities.

Good360 matches the right goods to the right people when they are needed most, via our network of 3,000+ charities and disadvantaged schools. The Good360 model creates much greater impact than a business could have going direct to a single charity.

Our charity members then distribute these goods on the ground in their local communities. Charities and schools save time and money by getting the goods they need, when they need them most, allowing them to have a much greater impact in their communities.

The Six Stages of Disaster Recovery


Being prepared in advance helps mitigate the impact of a disaster on communities.

Icon of first aid case


In the immediate aftermath, the greatest concern is for the protection of life and property. 


This phase focuses on cleaning up and fixing the damage brought on by the disaster.


As survivors move beyond the recover phase, focus shifts to rebuilding homes and businesses etc.


As displaced families move back, they often need to replace most or all of their household goods. 


While this is the recovery stage, survivors may still need items to help them get back to life as normal.

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Could provide 5 shelter kits for displaced people, with soap, a torch and other essentials ($100 per kit)
Could provide 4 children displaced by disaster with school supplies, games and toys ($250 per pack)
Could provide 4 families with hygiene products, nappies, underwear & new clothes ($500 value per family)
Could provide new furniture and electronics to furnish 2 new homes post disaster ($2,000 value)
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