Amplify your giving. At Good360, for every $1 you donate, $20 worth of essential goods are provided to an Australian in need.

About Good360

At Good360 we are connectors. Your donation will support the redistribution of surplus goods and services from businesses across Australia to the people who need them most. By bridging the gap between brand-new goods and people in need, Good360 ensures that essential items, which might otherwise go to waste, are re directed to charities, schools, and people in need. 

The mission is clear: to prevent essential excess goods from ending up in landfill by redirecting them to people who can benefit from them. This not only addresses immediate community need but contributes to reducing waste in our communities.

The result: a Circle of Good that reduces need and waste at the same time, so 
everyone benefits – from people to our planet.

Everyone deserves the goods they need to thrive

Through the connection of brand-new items spanning Education, Home, Hygiene, and Play, we aim to support vulnerable Australians of all ages in every facet of their lives. Our goal is to provide essentials that give individuals access to a quality education, reside in safe and secure homes, maintain proper hygiene, and engage in playful and fun experiences.

We firmly believe that individuals should not have to make choices between necessities like toothpaste or a pencil case, or between furniture and new toys. That is why we are calling on businesses, charities, disadvantaged schools and individuals to get involved in providing much-needed essentials in these four areas of impact to Australians in need.

How We Work

Give the

Companies Australia wide donate what they no longer need or have too much of to help both people and planet.

Get the

Charities and disadvantaged schools register for free and then order the goods they need, when they need them.

Direct to Communities

Products connected direct to local communities, help to restore dignity and hope to Australians in need.

Creating real Impact

Saving charities time and money by connecting them with the goods they need for their programs.

You can change a life today

Your donation today has the power to do more. You will help connect new product to people who need essential goods, Australia-wide.

See how your gift impacts the everyday life of Australians across 35+ cause areas including, financial distress, domestic violence, disability, homelessness, refugee support, children’s charities and elderly care, just to name a few.

Every $1 you generously donate will connect $20 worth of goods to people in need. Your gift gives twenty times more when you donate to Good360.

Lifetime impact to date*

*impact to 30 June 2024


People in need across Australia supported


Non-profits and
schools supported


Unsold goods back into the circular economy (RRP)


Tonnes of new goods prevented from going to waste